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Province consulting on Greenbelt expansion to Waterloo Region

On December 7, 2017, the provincial government announced that they are consulting on expansion of the Greenbelt into the outer ring of the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This includes Waterloo Region, where the Waterloo Moraine is one of six study areas proposed.

For full details, check out the  province’s page. You can also see our news release.

This consultation is great news for Waterloo Region, where our community members have been asking for Greenbelt protection for years and years. We are fortunate to already have strong local protections for our countryside, including the Countryside Line and Protected Countryside designations. But we need an extra layer of protection from the province to ensure that we protect our groundwater and countryside permanently. Two levels of protection would mean that one rogue politician cannot undermine decades of work to protect our community from urban sprawl. We need to make sure that the Greenbelt, after more than a decade, will finally come to Waterloo Region, and to make sure that its arrival will not lower any existing local protections we already have in place.

We hope you’ll submit comments in support of Greenbelt expansion into Waterloo Region, and participate in the open houses expected to be scheduled in January and February of 2018.

More local news coverage of this announcement:

New Twitter account for Smart Growth Waterloo Region

Thanks for being a supporter of Smart Growth in Waterloo Region. The letters you have sent to our local and provincial leaders are making an impact. It has been wonderful to see the province agree to join with the Region of Waterloo on the Divisional Court appeal. This is an important and significant first step. Thank you for helping to make this happen.

Due to some technical difficulties, we’ve had to change our Smart Growth Waterloo Region Twitter account. You can now find us at @SmartGrowth_WR. Please follow this new account and join the conversation!

We’re sorry for the inconvenience this Twitter change may cause. We hope that you’ll help us to spread the word about our new Twitter handle and Waterloo’s Smart Growth plan.


Mike Boos
Smart Growth Waterloo Region