About Places to Grow

The Places to Grow Act aims to better manage development in the Greater Golden Horseshoe between now and 2031 to ensure “stronger, prosperous communities.” The Growth Plan of Places to Grow states (in 2.2.7):

  1. New development taking place in designated greenfield areas will be planned, designated, zoned and designed in a manner that –
    1. contributes to creating complete communities
    2. creates street configurations, densities, and an urban form that support walking, cycling, and the early integration and sustained viability of transit services
    3. provides a diverse mix of land uses, including residential and employment uses, to support vibrant neighbourhoods
    4. creates high quality public open spaces with site design and urban design standards that support opportunities for transit, walking and cycling.
  2. The designated greenfield area of each upper- or single-tier municipality will be planned to achieve a minimum density target that is not less than 50 residents and jobs combined per hectare.