Call to Action Webinar – Ensure your voice is heard on the Waterloo Region Growth Plan

Our Regional Official Plan is the long-term planning document that sets the foundation for our Region.  It decides where and how we will grow, what we will protect, what will be destroyed, and what our community will look like in 2051.  It reflects our priorities and will shape our urban cores, neighbourhoods, and countryside.

With a July 1, 2022 deadline mandated by the provincial government we only have a short time to speak up to achieve an ambitious plan that will address our climate crisis and ensure Waterloo Region remains a Smart Growth leader with thriving farmland for local food and groundwater recharge, balanced by vibrant, sustainable urban areas.

Regional Staff and Council is facing considerable pressure from land speculators and developers with initial drafts of the plan falling far short of the expectations of citizens and community groups.

It is urgent for everyone in Waterloo Region to let elected officials know the future you would like to see.  Once this plan is approved this Spring there will be little ability for changes until 2031 – well after we will have had to meet our Paris Accord targets.

For more information and how to take action, please register for a community webinar that is taking place on

Monday, November 15, 2021 at 7:00 pm