The Ontario Municipal Board has made a decision that threatens our future. Fortunately, community members and governments are standing up against it.

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Ontario Election Smart Growth Roundup

With the Ontario Election approaching quickly this Thursday, here’s some of what the parties and candidates are saying about smart growth and the Region of Waterloo’s defence of its Official Plan:


  • The Waterloo Chronicle asked candidates in the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo: “The Ontario Municipal Board has ruled against the Region of Waterloo Official Plan and provincial planning policy by opening up thousands of acres of land for more development. Do you agree with that decision, and what would you change if you could about the whole decision making process?”
  • Paige Demond writes in The Record about the Kitchener-Waterloo riding with some quotations from candidates about the OMB ruling.
  • Concerns about our local OMB ruling got some attention in neighbouring Guelph on Monday from many of the candidates, as the Green Party leader paid a visit.


  • Many candidates in Waterloo Region responded to our Smart Growth Waterloo Region Election Questionnaire, which asked specifically about the OMB ruling on the Region’s Official Plan, what they would do to protect the OP, and their views on intensification for liveable cities and farmland protection.
  • The Tri-Cities Transport Action Group included a question on its questionnaire regarding municipal access to appropriate land use planning tools, and a number of candidates mentioned the OMB ruling in their response.
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2014 Ontario Election Questionnaire

We recently sent our Backgrounder and 2014 Ontario Election Questionnaire to all the candidates for MPP in the four ridings in Waterloo Region. The responses we have received can be viewed by following this link.

If we receive any additional responses from the candidates, we will endeavour to add them as soon as possible. If you are a Waterloo Region candidate and your response does not appear below, please contact us at to be included.

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Provincial government announces consultations on OMB appeals and supporting smart growth

On Thursday, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced its consultation process for its upcoming review of its land use planning and appeals system, as well as its development charges system.

A consultation workshop on land use planning and appeals is scheduled at The Aud, Subscriber’s Lounge (400 East Ave, Kitchener), on Thursday, November 14th. You can also provide your comments online, by email, or by mail. You can find more information or register to attend the session through the Ministry website.

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