Last chance: tell the province you support smart growth

As many of you know, the province has been conducting a land use planning review. The deadline for comments as part of this phase of the review is October 31st. We’ve created a handy web form so you can send your comments to the review and to the relevant ministers.

We’ve been thrilled by the interest in the review that we’ve seen here in Waterloo Region. Many of you have taken time to attend local consultations, to submit comments to the review about the importance of the province’s smart growth plans, or to let local officials know you support Greenbelt expansion here in Waterloo Region.

We were also happy to see such a great turnout at our Snack and Smart Growth event in Kitchener in September. Many of you came out to talk about the review, meet others who are interested in smart growth, and eat delicious pies and cookies.


If you haven’t submitted comments yet, now is the time to make your voice heard. Whether you want to send a quick note in support of smart growth or get into the details, you’ll be helping to protect and strengthen these important provincial plans that defend our agriculture, our environment, and our urban centres. Please send your comments by October 31.

You can learn more about the government’s proposed changes in their summary document, or dig into the details of what’s proposed for the Growth Plan or the Greenbelt.

You can also read responses that have been submitted by us and by local municipalities: